Welcome to Revenge Rum

Welcome to Revenge Rum

About Us

Our History

At 21, our founder Chris Bolt discovered the delicious taste of a daiquiri, igniting a deep love for rum’s intricate flavors. This inspired us to create something truly exceptional. In 2018, we acquired a historic firehouse in West Palm Beach, Florida, where we built our own distillery. For three years, we worked hard to perfect every aspect of our equipment and process. Today, we’re thrilled to share the result of our labor with you – Revenge Rum. It represents our unwavering commitment to excellence and promises an extraordinary experience for all who try it.

Our Products
We currently offer white rum and are working on a barrel-aged rum for the future. Revenge Rum currently sells rum in 750ml bottles. We use the highest quality American Grade-A molasses to ensure a smooth richly flavored rum with hints of butterscotch and pineapple.
Where To Buy
Come by the distillery to try the product in our tasting room! If you drop by the Old Key Lime house in Lantana, FL, be sure to ask for a Revenge cocktail! Check back soon for a list of other restaurants and bars where you will find our rum. While we are currently only available in Florida, we are hoping to expand to other states soon to ensure Revenge Rum is on its way to you.


“Great piña coladas! Would come

Catie Bolt

“Amazing attention to detail from
the distillery to the smooth tast…”

Troy “Big Troy” Werner

“You have to try this rum!
Revenge Rum has the most a…”

Anna Cummiskey

“This place is absolutely just

Bryan Duffy


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Revenge Rum
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